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Posted On 3rd October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Here is a thing or two about Bollywood link-ups. If you are an ardent Bollywood fan, these are the things you absolutely must know:



To begin with, they aren’t true all the time, more often than not they are cooked up and add to the hullabaloo that precedes the film’s release. Why then, would a sudden upsurge in link-up stories fade away as soon as the film is out of theatres?


Welcome to a world of “let’s share Chemistry, but not Biology.” Just before a film is to be released, news flushes in of a probable link-up. Take for example; when Kites was in the process of being released, news came of Hrithik Roshan “getting along very well” with Barbara Mori. Please! Almost all of Hrithik’s films have been produced by his dad; he is not going to get close to Mori on the sets with Daddy around.


Nevertheless, this cheap strategy really works with an undiscerning audience; we all want to enjoy a film wholeheartedly; once the film is released, if the producers let the media know that there is something going on between the co-stars, you can rest assured that most journalists would jump at the opportunity to set their pens into motion. Upon reading the rumour, the reader begins contemplating a visit to the theatre just to see how well an off-screen chemistry unfolds on-screen.


Be warned, half the truth is often a whole lie. The rest is just a game of match the following; why do you think the first buzz of Shahid Kapoor dating Priyanka Chopra began before the film Kaminey was released. Stories of Ranbir Kapoor finding a compatible partner in Nargis Fakhri, only began before the film Rockstar hit the screens. The list goes on.


On the other hand, there is one couple that has safely passed our category of fake link-ups; in fact, they have chosen to take a massive step in their lives. Yes, you have our consent to believe that Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have finally decided to tie the knot in a ceremony that commences on the 16th of October. So, go ahead and let the well-wishes flow. 




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