Daya, Pata Lagao!
Posted On 20th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

The epic dialogue that is normally spouted by the shrewd ACP Pradyuman will recreate history, as this time round we have the ultra hot Kareena Kapoor saying it - we kid you not!



Ever since the first look of Heroine was unveiled on a balmy day in August (with a promo so riveting that we bet even Aishwarya Rai had a hard time not hitting the replay button), Kareena Kapoor has gone the extra mile to promote it – probably to wipe out all bad karma for refusing the role earlier. So much that she has taken to making special appearances on every television show under the sun, from Jhalak Dikhla Ja to Dance Ke Superkids and now on – hold your breath – CID, one of the longest running shows on Indian telly. We guess this is the point where the incorrigible Internet meme makers stop reading and rush off to sketch some fresh CID trolls.

For the rest of you biting your nails in suspense, we can assure you that the plot of this special episode will live up to the show’s usual standards of nerve-racking suspense and indulgent facepalmery. Taking a break from the usual drill of bringing justice to hardened criminals the world over, the CID team shall play knight in shining armour to a distressed Kareena Kapoor. The plot revolves around a mentally unstable man played by Akshay Sethi, (who is best known for his role as Yug on….. umm, well some whiny daily soap or the other), and his obsession with the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor. Akshay is so obsessed with Kareena that he keeps on writing letters to her and threatens her to the extent that she considers leaving her film career and considers marrying him.  When Akshay ends up killing one of her bodyguards in order to get to her, Kareena solicits help from the CID bureau.

Sounds like a tough one, but we urge Kareena to keep calm – we are yet to come across a case that the CID team hasn’t been able to solve in 40 minutes of run time. So pop some corn, tip your seat back and have a ball, the prospect of the CID team and Kareena Kapoor under the same roof is too good to pass. Now do excuse us, we have Castle and Beckett pestering us all the way from New York, clamouring to know the secret behind CID’s super successful run on Indian television. Little do they know that all it takes are a couple of well positioned slaps for the culprit to obligingly spill the beans. But that’s an extremely confidential trade secret, so mum’s the word!




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