The Original Item Girl
Posted On 1st October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

After a longtime, Mallika has come back to the country that she misses the warmth of, and she couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome than to be asked to feature in a Bollywood film that evokes the "desiness" that she embodies.



Kismet Love Paisa Dilli is her upcoming endeavour that, as she claims, is about the lafangas of the capital city; a thriller, with a good mix of comedy that captures the North Indian culture which she painlessly relates to.



However, one always wonders why she chooses to fly overseas instead of showering us with her sensuality but to that she has the most benign response. She agrees that she has been away for a while but that is because she enjoys the film medium, whether it be Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood and as long as she enjoys the best in filmmaking, she is content. Besides, “I enjoy travelling and meeting people round the world. However, I miss the warmth and care of my own country”.



Yet, her co-star Vivek hits the nail, when he asserts that Mallika is a big icon of sensuality but unfortunately, it goes unnoticed. Indeed, many would agree that the “bold woman” demeanor was an original personality first given birth to by her, before it can be credited to Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu or Sunny Leone for that matter. While one would think that Mallika would be a choosy contender, it is indeed the opposite in her case; she only opts for roles that subtly spell out her personality.



Probably, item numbers in films, the now indispensible ingredient, would not have been acceptable sometime back if it weren’t for the efforts of Malaika Arora Khan, a few others and especially, Mallika. These numbers, though a common thing in North India’s cassette culture, have now found an audience in the most posh night clubs, giving everyone a reason to shake a leg; even the Ganapati pandals weren’t immune to these beats.



Nevertheless, what’s more exciting is that Sherawat has been considering on writing her memoirs, and I am sure she will have a lot more to expose there about the industries she has served. 


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