The Judgement of the Comebacks!
Posted On 5th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

Today, English Vinglish, the Sridevi starrer has been released in theatres; by next week, Aiyyaa too will be out to face its judgment day.



The way we are looking at it is that these two films are part of a trend started off by Dirty Picture. In Dirty Picture, we got to experience a Vidya Balan that no one thought existed; but largely, it introduced us to a format of women centric films of which there is a serious dearth, in our industry.



By no means is the country receiving this trend negatively, the numbers at which Dirty Picture concluded its occupancy at the theatres is a proof of that. Besides, did anyone keep an eye on the Youtube hits the song Aga Bai got; it was more than Heroine’s Halkat Jawani. However, the biggest challenge for Rani Mukherjee would be to resemble a Maharashtrian; while she says it would not be much of an effort because she has been born and brought up in Mumbai, we still wonder what the overall experience would be; since, we know the she is the only non-Maharashtrian among other members of the cast.



On the other hand, the wait for English Vinglish has been equally relentless for Sridevi’s fans who have been patient for the past 15 years. Nevertheless, the premiere of her comeback film, surely, must have pepped her up. The premiere was attended by Bollywood’s most sought after actresses. Even Madhuri Dixit, her rival in the 80’s, came along with her husband to cheer the diva.



We have our fingers crossed for both the films, more so for the two women who have worked immensely hard to keep us entertained. In the meantime, the male stars can twiddle their thumbs wondering where they’re falling short.




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