A kiss to fame
Posted On 7th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Kissing in Bollywood films was never done as often as it is today; those days of hiding behind a bush or having a flower fight are over.



Indeed, it is a talent to share a kiss that is convincing; especially, for our actors who are still new to this onscreen trend. After all, what takes place behind the scenes is something that will remain a secret to us; because most of us are still sleeping at 5 am, aren’t we?


However, while Emraan has no qualms about a little lip-locking, some stars just don’t feel comfortable kissing on-screen; Bipasha’s being one of the loudest protests. In her words: “Physical intimacy-it’s something I am totally comfortable with. It doesn't really bother me. But when it comes to kissing, which for me is very, very intimate, I am very uncomfortable."


She has kissed on earlier occasions too; the first being with John Abraham, but we all know why she wasn’t uncomfortable about that one. Yes, they were dating and so sharing a kiss, for them, was a natural exchange of love; though when she saw the film in the theatre she was not happy about what she had done. When it came to kissing R.Madhavan, she was forced to have glass of champagne because she was uncomfortable kissing him, he being her close friend.


Since, films are a reflection of our society, it is mandatory for the A-list stars to keep improvising within the changing trends. Like the way that bell-bottoms have been removed from contemporary cinema, similarly lip-locking has become part of Bollywood. Still, I think the hesitant stars, like Bipasha, have a reason for being cautious; they are afraid of being hooked-up with their co-stars by matchmaking journalists. While the others go ahead with it; because it keeps them in the news until their kiss subsides.

So, it is high time our stars kiss like actors; what say?


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