Salman in Mr. India 2?
Posted On 9th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

No, this is not about an upcoming male pageant title; however, try to ponder over the words a little longer. May be, you would remember the film by the same name that we wouldn't mind seeing again today. It had Anil Kapoor who played the lead role op




Obviously, you couldn’t but why not. Anil Kapoor is still around, Sridevi has also returned to cinema with “English Vinglish”; although, Mr. Amrish Puri is no more, but it seems that Booney Kapoor has a solution to that. Before we go into the details, let us remind ourselves of those childhood joys of watching Anil Kapoor disappear.  



If you can remember, Anil was an orphan street violinist who rents a huge house for a dozen orphan children and a cook played by Satish Kaushik. In order to pay the increasing debts, Arun Verma (Anil Kapoor) decides to rent the upper floor to a tenant, the tenant is Sridevi who takes a song and a little more reel time to get use to the children. Still, being a commoner, Arun is defenseless due to his poverty; finally, he gets hold of a watch that was invented by his late father.



As we all well know, the watch once worn by Arun gives him the powers to become invisible to the naked eye. So, Anil is made to play a dual character of Arun the orphan and Mr. India the invisible crusader. The fun and frolic continues until Arun/Mr. India comes face to face with Mogambo.



Producer Booney Kapoor wants to make a sequel of the film in 3D, but we weren’t very satisfied with his replacement for Mr. Amrish Puri. Now, the iconic villain will be played by Salman Khan! We aren’t going to comment on Agneepath the film, but don’t you think that Sanjay Dutt in his bald avatar looked very close to Mogambo. What say? 





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