A red faced Robert!
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If you haven't been up to date with the sequence of events taking place in the lives of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, you haven't missed much but if you aren't aware of what the two of them have got in store for you in the movie Bre




Ok, let’s put aside the suspense; you may be aware that in the new movie scheduled to release in a few weeks from now, Kristen Stewart’s character Bella is a vampire like her husband Edward. Now, when you know they are a couple, you can surely expect some intimate moments between the two of them. Yes! There is a raunchy scene that they had tried to keep a secret, but couldn’t or, let’s just say the more open they are about it, the more you’re going to want to watch the film. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure; they are out to surprise you.



MTV caught up with them for a chat, their first chat together after the scandal that followed when Kristen shared a kiss with director Rupert Sanders. So, how did they behave when seated next to each other; let’s just say that they are actors after all, but Robert Pattinson did all the talking while Stewart and Taylor Lautner sat giggling in the background.



On being asked by one of the correspondents of MTV News, about the new “action” sequence in part two of Breaking Dawn, Lautner laughed and said he couldn’t wait for it, immediately after Stewart said that she rather let Pattinson answer that question. When Pattinson was brought into frame, he alleged that the scene can be described as a “third form of sexuality”. We are eager to know what it means, but until then we’re as clueless as you are!






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