Chulbul Pandey is back!
Posted On 9th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Dabangg 2 is scheduled to release sometime in December but the diehard Salman Khan fans cannot wait any longer and the Khan, as usual, is on teasing spree. Tomorrow, on the show Big Boss 6 that he hosts, he has planned to invite his brother Arbaaz Khan, t




Like all the other rebels without a cause here is one of Chulbul’s own rejoinder: “Pandey ji hamari tarakki dekh kar aapka khun jal raha hay…maa bade bade log research kiye hay kehte hay ki roti khane se khun badta hay…2 roti jyaada khilaya kijiye toh khun badega chehre pay raunak aayegi.” Probably, the main reason for our restlessness is because we all want to be treated to those brilliantly written dialogues.



Unfortunately, I wonder how many of you really know whose words those were. While Salman Khan has the tact and presence to put them to good use, they aren’t his own inventions. How many of you knew that the dialogues were co-written by Dilip Shukla and Abhinav Kashyap? Well, the two of them aren’t working on the new film; instead, Abhinav Kashyap who was the director of the first film has been replaced by Arbaaz Khan.




Now, about the item numbers; initially, the team had planned on keeping two item numbers, one would feature Malaika Arora Khan and the other Katrina Kaif. However, there has been an altercation; while the film will still have two item numbers, the second will feature Kareena Kapoor and not Katrina Kaif, but should that really bother us?



Also, in the last film the producers got in trouble with the manufacturers of Zandu Balm for using their brand name in the lyrics; however, this time they have taken all the permissions they need for the new item number called “Fevicol” which will feature Kareena Kapoor. 





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