Does Virat Kohli's Mother Have A Problem With Anushka Sharma?
Posted On 10th April, 2014 @ 13:03 pm by MTV Editor

While Virat and Anushka are out painting the town red, there are some who aren’t impressed.

We thought Anushka was the only one in the Virat queue but little did we anticipate that there are other women who are also interested in dating the cricket star. 


Despite Virat joining Anushka on the sets of her film in Jodhpur, the latest buzz is that Anushka Sharma seems to be facing a little competition from other British sports stars over Virat. Recently, it seems that Virat even received a proposal through twitter from Danielle Wyatt who is a member of English women’s cricket team. 


Apparently, during Virat’s T20 series, Danielle Wyatt sent out a tweet to him stating that she wants to marry him, and that’s not all! Her tweet was soon followed by her very own teammate Katherine Brunt on the 6th of April which read as, “Too late Don he asked me last week! ;-)” 


While the two women seem to be happily battling it out for him, an Indian fan spoiled their fun by commenting that he is already hooked and booked to Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma. On reading this, the British cricketer confidently replied that he isn’t in a relationship with Anushka Sharma.


Surprisingly, Anushka Sharma hasn’t involved herself in the whole twitter war over Virat. We’re now wondering what her reaction would be after reading Wyatt’s comment. 


Meanwhile, Virat’s mother, Saroj Kohli, hasn’t really been enjoying the female attention her son’s been getting lately. She even confessed that she wants her son to focus more on his career rather than anything else. As for now, she’s not up for getting her son married for the next few years.


Now isn’t that a pity! There goes our fantasy of a fairy tale wedding. 



Would you like to see Anushka and Virat end up together? Tell us in the comments below.



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