Kristen Bares All!
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Fans who turned up at the London premiere of Breaking Dawn 2 got more than they bargained for when the movie's lead actress, Kristen Stewart, turned up in a see through pantsuit with strategically placed scraps of black lace protecting her modesty -


Whether you spend your entire day fangirling over Taylor Lautner’s abs or whether you laugh your head off every time you come across an Edward Cullen poster, fact remains that Twilight is currently one of the hottest franchises on the charts. We can only imagine how hard it must be for the cast to put on a brave face and bid adieu to something that been such a huge part of their lives. Which is probably what prompted Kristen Stewart to take all responsibility on her shoulders and go the extra mile to make sure that the movie’s last instalment would be imprinted on everyone’s minds forever.



After double checking that Rupert Sanders was firmly blacklisted form the event, Robert Pattinson miraculously found it in him to forgive Kristen for her past indiscretions and it was hand in hand that the two walked down the red carpet. While opinion is divided on exactly what he sees in her, it definitely isn’t her fashion sense. When Kristen’s not walking down red carpets in worn out sneakers, she’s busy hanging in around in those washed out grey tees and grungy jeans. 



Although, to give her credit, the actress did put an effort for the premiere of her last Twilight film by choosing Zuhair Murad to dress her - A designer who has previously dressed the likes of Jennifer Lopez. As a result, the L.A. premiere of the movie saw Kristen walking down the red carpet in a risqué strapless gown which revealed perhaps a lot more than we wanted to see.



Anxious not to disappoint her London fans, Kristen probably rang Zuhair up and asked him to come up with an even racier number for the London show. And after much thinking, here’s what he pulled out of his hat:





We are yet to figure out why would any real person want to be seen in public wearing that, which is probably Kristen kept saying how ‘surreal’ she felt. "I know the most go-to answer for everyone on these carpets is ‘Oh my gosh, this is so surreal,’” the actress said. "But to be honest with you, this time is so completely surreal. I'm trying to absorb it. I'm trying to be here." And even though Robert wore a distinctly bored look through all the niceties, Taylor Lautner was in his element. "I was so excited, (while walking the red carpet for Twilight in 2008) I remember just diving into the fans," he said, even as his bodyguards gave him the evil eye. "They might freak out a little, but you gotta do it sometimes," he added, nudging his bodyguard with a grin.

Well, we still got a little time on our hands before Breaking Dawn 2 makes its Indian debut, so for now all we can do is hang around and wait for the critics’ verdict. Until then, tell us what do you make of Kristen’s outfits? Racy black pantsuit or risqué nude gown – Which one leaves lesser to the imagination?



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