Playing Un-Saif
Posted On 10th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

So, now we know the cool way of buying a foreign car without paying too much tax. First, you need to get in touch with someone overseas who is liable of shifting back to India; ask them to buy the car of your choice, on their way back, so that they can sh




Who could have thought about that? Well, none other than Saif Ali Khan.


Saif Ali Khan was questioned in a police case; though it is not a habit of the police to let bygones be bygones, unless a politician is involved, this case has surfaced after eight years because of fresh revelations. The case has something to do with the illegal-import of a high-end car by a resident of Kerala, Kolara Mohammad, from Dubai. 


The car was bought by Saif Ali Khan in 2004 from Dubai; but the car was imported to India in accordance to the transfer of residence rules by the Keralaite. However, not everyone can afford a Toyota Land Cruiser; the Customs Department has reason to believe that Mohammad could not have been able to afford the car. In 2006, it was found that the payment for the car was made from a bank account in Mumbai, registered in the name of the actor.


Hence, the actor was questioned on Saturday.


Now, we are getting worried because as per Saif Ali Khan’s interview with the Press Trust of India, the wedding bells are to ring this year end; but with such a case looming overhead, the couple is likely to exchange rings in between bars. 



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