Sherlyn's going 3D
Posted On 29th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Well, if you aren't following Sherlyn Chopra on Twitter, you might have missed the news on her latest venture.




Take look at the journey Sherlyn Chopra’s aspirations have taken her on. She started off as a model and then entered into Bollywood, whilst balancing a music career on the side. Back in 2008, when journalists were inquisitive about where she was headed, she said, “My USP is my effortless sexuality.”



Now in 2012, no one can say that this girl from Hyderabad has been anything less than effortless in baring her sexuality to the world. By posing nude for Playboy earlier this year, she became part of the sexual revolution that Hugh Hefner has been contributing to since the 50’s. Still, in Sherlyn’s attempts at being a sex symbol, a new offer comes knocking at her door, an offer that might just destroy all future barriers.



Well, if you aren’t following her on Twitter, you might have missed the news on her latest venture; she will play the lead in Rupesh Paul’s KamaSutra 3D, another interpretation of the masterpiece of Sanskrit literature. While acclaimed director Meera Nair had made a film based on this ancient discourse, there is reason to believe that a lot can be achieved if Paul can inspire the audience away from the vulgarity tag that popular cinema lends to lovemaking.



Ironically, the KamaSutra has a wider appeal internationally than nationally, but it still gives Sherlyn Chopra the advantage of breaking that chestnut with her bold attitude and homebred traditionalism. As she says, “Kama Sutra is nowhere close to vulgarity. Nudity is not vulgar. It is a form of art and an expression of the mind. I am considered to be a bold personality but I know this film is going to change perceptions.”




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