Stewart - The Optimistic Romantic.
Posted On 17th August, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Just a month ago; Robert Pattinson got hold of pictures of his lady-love, Kristen Stewart, kissing director Rupert Sanders. This incident directed the media's flash lights on the couple for a long time, until they realized that there was no hope of t


However, look who is being optimistic; sources reveal that Stewart has been sending Robert dozens of text messages and handwritten notes too, but Robert only replies back in monosyllables. We can draw two very important conclusions from this; one is that 22 year old Kristen still feels there is hope, and she has a hell of a lot of balance at her disposal.



Here is a conversation we imagined they had:


KS: Robert, you are the only one for me. Let’s try to work this out. Please forgive me...

RP: No.

KS: You can’t keep me hanging like that. Stop saying no. After all, we were together for four years, weren’t we?

RP: Yes.

KS: Ok, I am asking you for the last time; will you marry me Rupert?

RP: I am Robert!

But on a serious note; obviously, the producers of the Twilight films must have been afraid that the audiences, around the world, would refrain from going to the theatres, this November, after being distraught over the break-up. So, it could just as well be a paid PR strategy; what say, can we really believe the latest news of the hopeful Kristen?




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