The chronicles of Alia and Varun!
Posted On 12th February, 2013 @ 12:57 pm by mtv editor

Lately, Alia Bhatt has been working with Imtiaz Ali who has been keeping her away from the gym because of the long shooting schedules; the poor kid has also signed up for her third movie in which she plays a South Indian for which, needless to say, she has to stay petite.

Varun Dhawan, now that the truth is evident, is not single!

So, the newbie is following an apple diet; not a categorical dependency on apple products, but she’s sticking to consuming apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “Yeah!” says her local fruit vendor.

Obviously, the ongoing rumour that has been vomited out on the web forcing you, our dear readers, in and out of excitement, must be put to end. Better still, they claim that her friends have been the inlets to news on her lifestyle which is slowly but steadily brewing a success story. It’s easy to settle evidence aspect by saying that her friends were the ones who gave the news, but no names means no news. Indeed, the false information about there being something between Varun and Alia is crap; it was the brainchild of the PR team of Student of the Year, and you know who told me that? The actress’s friends!

Nonetheless, Varun Dhawan, now that the truth is evident, is not single. After all, the papers are always on a witch hunt for their deepest darkest secrets when they touch stardom; so, if you had been attentive last year, you wouldn’t have missed the news of a long-distance relationship that the actor was abiding to. Well, he’s still dating Sara who is in the US at the moment. Thus, you can ignore any report that says otherwise.

While you know about who Varun Dhawan is dating and because “ek ke saath ek free”, you need to know about whom Siddharth Malhotra has hooked up with. Before SOTY, Siddharth was an assistant director for “My Name is Khan”, there he met and fell in love with the Costa Rican model Natalie. It’s about time for Alia to find her Valentine we think, she’s at the back of her class at the moment!


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