The Tiger's deadly ride!
Posted On 10th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Behind the stardom and the penchant for violent films, Salman Khan rewards and likes being rewarded with modesty.



But, how did all these niceties become a part of Salman’s character after the often irrevocable crimes he is known to have committed.


Age - Age is the strictest educator of life’s many lessons; and surely, Salman Khan has sobered down with age, but thank God for the special-effects that still allow him to slip back to the average marriageable age, again and again, in every film he does. Another good therapy for someone like him, which he follows quite diligently, is to keep the violence onscreen and not off-screen. After all, we all need a release for the pent up emotions.


Speaking about driving, we know what happened with the Tiger in the year 2002; he was driving back home from an event at the JW Mariott, along with Kamaal Khan and bodyguard RavindraPatil, in his Land Cruiser. At the time, Salman was being hounded by the underworld and he had just split-up with Aishwarya Rai, who we know he was madly in love with. However, none can be a workable excuse for what was to follow.


He ended up driving his Cruiser over some people sleeping outside the A1 Bakery, Mumbai; while Noor Ullah Khan lost his life, a few others were admitted to the Bhabha Hospital, who by now have recovered from their injures, we hope.


The Land Cruiser lay damaged for a while at the local police station, but only a day back Salman Khan wished to sell the car. The court rejected his plea, saying that the car is major evidence to the ten year old case.


While the trial is still pending, we wonder what evidence a ten year old vehicle will provide. In ten years, so much has changed; Aishwarya is married and has a child, Apple has come out with the iPhone 5 and my friend Parulpati Das has finally found a girlfriend.


So, we urge the court to get on with the case, unless Salman Khan’s modesty hasn’t lured them off-track. 



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