Uday & Nargis To Tie The Knot?
Posted On 8th January, 2013 @ 15:07 pm by mtv editor

In light of the recent revelations, we, the people, demand straight answers: Is Uday Chopra set to tie the knot with debutante Nargis Fakhri? Tonight, the nation wants to know!

Although Nargis has emphatically denied all rumours on Twitter; the incriminating photos tell a story of their own!

Okay, so that statement would have probably sounded more impressive had Arnab proclaimed it dramatically; but that doesn’t make our curiosity any lesser. Rumours have started floating thick and fast about the youngest Chopra’s plans to walk down the aisle with debutante Nargis Fakhri!

The toughest part of being a journalist is that you have to keep yourself prepared for all eventualities. In fact, most writers spent the whole of last year waiting on tenterhooks for Saifeena’s wedding announcement to be officialised; ready to whip up an article at a moment’s notice. Yet, in all frankness, we doubt any of them envisaged the day when Uday Chopra would tie the knot with a blushing starlet!

According to the rumours being speedily passed down the grapevine, the duo had to postpone their plans due to Yashji’s sudden tragic demise last year and have now chalked the final ceremony for March. Although Nargis has emphatically denied all rumours on Twitter; the incriminating photos tell a story of their own. In the name of fair play, we give you their back-story and let you decide for yourself:

October, 2000: A 27-year old Uday Chopra, the youngest of the Chopra clan, makes his first foray in Bollywood with Mohabbatein. It would of course be unfair to expect him to strike gold with his first try, which is why he tried again. And again. And yet again. This went on until he found his calling as the street smart Ali in the Dhoom series. Uday now regularly surfaces every two years, and was recently in the news during the unveiling of the Dhoom 3: Back in Action poster.

November, 2011: Nargis Fakhri comes over from US to India to star alongside Ranbir Kapoor in 2011’s blockbuster Rockstar. She has previously appeared in two cycles of America’s Next Top Model and has even done a couple of calendar shoots, which of course makes her the perfect candidate for a Bollywood debutante. Rockstar shattered all conventions to a pulp and went on to become the biggest hit of 2011 but critics didn’t take much notice of her beyond her pouty lips.

Perhaps the two got together to bond over the difficulties of being a struggler, but one thing led to the other, and next we knew, the two had decided to get hitched. As recently as yesterday, the two were spotted, glued to each other’s side in the States, where Uday has flown to bring in his 40th birthday.

Well, we don’t have an Octopus Paul at hand to verify the news, but it’s safe to predict that the world of celeb weddings has just earned a new entrant!


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