Veena Malik Scores a Century
Posted On 1st March, 2013 @ 12:13 pm by mtv editor

After many failed attempts, Veena Malik has finally received her first break or rather a lead appearance in the upcoming film “The City Never Sleeps”.

Her first task was to beat Salman Khan’s record of being kissed hundred and eight times in a minute.

To entertain the media and to keep us entertained the publicists have decided to go on breaking records that would enlist her in the Guinness. Her first task was to beat Salman Khan’s record of being kissed hundred and eight times in a minute, which he had achieved on the reality show Guinness World Record – Ab India Todega.

Did she beat that record or not? You needn’t guess because: how couldn’t she? A resident of the Big Boss house, who has often been mentioned by the press as the voice of liberal Muslims, including leading dailies, Daily Times, Express Tribune and The Australian; may be, the one hundred and thirty seven kisses that she got in a minute, weren’t hard earned.

If you’ve already teary eyed after incessant yawning; yawning to the fact that all things Veena are publicity stunts then, you must hear what she had to say about the bedlam. “I am a celebrity anyway and if you say that it is for publicity, ok, yeah, we need publicity for The City That Never Sleeps.” Better still, the day that she chose to be kissed numerously was also her birthday; unless, declaring the 26th of February her birthday was also a publicity stunt to inspire the crowd to kiss her.

Further, she has to break twenty records in total, which means after the kissing record that she has successfully achieved, there are nineteen more to go. Basically, you can’t say you’ve had enough of her yet. And, as a closure, here is what she wants to tell you all: “So if you call it publicity, then yes, it is for publicity. Films are for what? For publicity, right?” Do answer her question in the comments box.


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