Care for a Barfi!
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Is a new cinema brewing on the silver screen and has the audience matured in the latter half of the 21st century?



After Ek Tha Tiger, all the Bollywood filmmakers have made it their aim to touch a soaring 182.5 crore. However, Basu should be satisfied with the fact that journalists are calling Barfi!, the film that has sweetened the critics and brought in the numbers too.


Many believe that the time has gone when; such films could be considered “risky”. Despite the stellar reception it has received, there are a few who haven’t taken to the film well; like the LA Times reviewer who finds Ranbir’s character far from original and rather confused: “a Chaplin-infused hybrid of Mr. Bean and Gumby, with a dose of early Adam Sandler.”


Sadly, while Ranbir Kapoor has been compared to the likes of Charlie Chaplin, poor Priyanka Chopra’s acting has just been described as “passable.” We think that’s a little biased considering the screen time each of them receive and the part they play in the bigger picture. Nevertheless, Anurag Basu must be thoroughly excited about the acceptance his film has received.


Analysts have reported that the film earned 32.5 crore during the opening weekend; though that is a low number, considering the film has superstars like Ranbir and Priyanka, at the same time the film is for a specific audience and who knows, tomorrow being a holiday, the numbers may rise.


We live in times when all we need is a bare bodied studmuffin from the Bollywood stable for a movie to skyrocket, in terms of popularity but Barfi! has given us a little more hope and several more smiles. 


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