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For all those who aren't living in Guam or under a rock with no television access, the theatrical trailer of the Saif Ali Khan-Deepika Padukone-Diana Penty Starrer, Cocktail, seems like a definite hangover from the days of Love Aaj Kal. Here's w

The first look of the movie gives away a large portion of the plot, of the movie. What can be conclusively established from the marketing overload of the film is one - there is one petite, traditional damsel in utter need of a culture shock who goes by the name-Meera, an earth shattering surprise. So the filmmakers took an alternative route and developed a polar opposite of the character, Meera from Love Aaj Kal. If anyone was expecting brownie points for character development or originality, 2009 called, they want their script back. Two – Deepika who plays Veronica, the proverbial wild child, does what she does best, she gets up on tables, throws back cocktails and has occasional life changing epiphanies. Three – Saif Ali Khan embodies a cumulative of all the characters he has played since Dil Chahta Hai, charming, affable and clichéd. Consequently, Gautam appears to be a one dimensional afterthought circa Love Aaj Kal.

So the run order of the film is basically this – Gautam establishes his empire of sweet, unthinking antics, enter Meera with her unassuming ways and instant disapproval of Gautam, while Veronica throws back a couple of shots and stirs up a crowd (if you can’t conjure up an image have a quick look at Karthik calling Karthik). Gautam meets Veronica, they play dress up – dress down, and Gautam’s parents played by Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani are thrown into a tizzy witnessing their coupling. Cut to Gautam and Meera’s lead up to the romp in the rain, slow motion, coy exchanges and the works. We now have a love triangle with Veronica trying her very best to be her imagined version of Dimple Kapadia’s ideal daughter in law and Meera proving to be the party girl she can be. The climax remains undetermined but we can hope for an epic airport, flight stopping scene derived from all the rom-coms post the nineties. The ending could be anything ranging from a tear inducing lover’s strife to an embrace leading to the sequel.

What you can expect from Cocktail? Original content to change the face of Indian cinema, we think not. A definite popcorn seller, Maybe. The outcome of the film will be determined come July, Friday the 13th no less. Until then, what do your predictions look like?


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