First Take of Taken 2
Posted On 15th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Here's how I put it; a good action film should give crooks ideas or at least steal ideas from them.




Liam Neeson is the best actor around these days, but soon the Botox and rouge sticks are going to melt away and he’s going to surrender his stardom. However, what any sane man would do in such a situation is to do some quick see-the-actor-in-me films and pack up, that way he keeps the fans and the respect. Unfortunately, Neeson seems to be in the mood to chuck it all away and to what avail; am still wondering.


You’ve got to understand the sequel business by now, if the first does well the second is only a money making venture. You guessed right, Taken 2 is out in cinemas but it really isn’t promising enough to force you out of your homes. While I don’t trust the ones who allot the number of stars a film gets, this time you should trust them.


Let me take you through the plot without revealing the high points, of which there aren't too many:


Revenge links the first film with the second; retired CIA agent Bryan Mills is being targeted by the relatives of the men he killed while rescuing his daughter. The action takes place in Istanbul, where Mills has some pending work that he needs to complete; in order to save his marriage that has gone, he decides to take his wife Lenore and his daughter Kim along with him to Istanbul.


Mills and Lenore get kidnapped soon after, which is a real advantage, I think, for a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. Instead, the director doesn’t give them too much time together because very soon; and ridiculously so; Mills contacts Kim with the help of cell phone hidden in his socks. Man! How didn’t the kidnappers take that off him? Once Kim arrives on the scene, a lot of gun fighting follows and the two escape, but are unable to rescue Lenore.


By this time, the viewer is already contemplating a walk out, but thanks to the happy ending, to see the three unite and to finish the popcorn, one manages to stay on.


I suggest you snuggle up in your beds and watch reruns of Taken and give the second edition a miss. If you are a movie buff and love the smell of freshly popped corn, we suggest you watch English Vinglish.



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