Hooked: Meri Pyaari Bindu Is Rolling Out One Chapter A Day And We Can’t Help But Follow
Posted On 5th April, 2017 @ 16:43 pm by Mihika Jindal

What's coming next?

The teaser of Meri Pyaari Bindu, set in the 1980s in Kolkata, established that Ayushmann Khurrana, the distressed writer, is living in the past and, for most part, refusing to come out of it. While the sepia tint and a constant typewriter sound is a heart-warming mix, their trailer roll-out plan is the real deal. We thought the teaser will be followed by a trailer or two before we make our way to the theatre. But they have other plans — they’re going to keep us hooked by releasing one chapter a day.   


Chapter 1, Samosa Aur Chutney is the first trailer that has neither Chopra nor Khurrana, but two kids instead. A nerdy oil-in-the-hair boy welcomes his new neighbour, an attitude-soaked girl, with a plate of samosa and chutney, a good enough recipe for instantly finding #BAE #BFF.


Meri Pyaari Bindu is ODing on old classics too, but in its original form (thank you for not adding dhinchak to it). Set in 1983, playing aaiye meherban (1958) in the background makes this trailer all the more nostalgic and even more sepia.



Chapter 2 is called Gabbar Aur Sambha and the equation looks exactly like that — a badass Chopra dominating a submissive boy (how else could a nerdy oil-in-the-hair boy have grown up) who is forced to do all sorts of jugaadu things because #PeerPressure.


As the trailer takes us through Chopra being every bit crazy and Khurrana enjoyably following her lead, he narrates the life mantra she’s taught him — “zindagi ek pighalti ice-cream ki tarah hai. Taste nahi kiya toh waste ho jaayegi…



And just this afternoon, our wait and the trailer met midway through the day with Chapter 3 — Kalkatte Ki Madonna. We finally got introduced to the characters — Chopra is struggling with ‘Bindu Shankar Narayanan’, a name that she thinks (rightly so) is daggers drawn with her dream of being a rock star. And Khurrana reveals his daak-naam (nick-name in Bengali) is Boobla, which according to him, sounds like the Bengali version of a bubble-wrap.


Chapter 4 — Bindu vs. Maa — gives us a sneak peek into the first twist. The world knows how protective Bengali mothers are and Boobla’s mother is no exception. Bindu’s non-conventional job profile (of a Tamilian voice over artist) and her SOS signals (two telephone rings) to summon Boobla for silly things is driving the mother nuts. But Bindu’s the notorious kind who is only adding fuel to fire. 



The pieces of the puzzle have come together, and this trailer-saga has come full circle. Chapter 5 – Mix Tape is about Boobla’s bright idea: to make one cassette with all the songs that are related to iconic moments from his and Bindu’s lives — chaar inch by dhai inch ka dirty secret. And Bindu loves it.
Collecting a bunch of songs from classic maestros like Bappi Da, Lata Di, RD Burman, and others, Bindu has picked Lag Jaa Gale as their official make-out song (even before making out, because #tease). The trailer takes us back to the teaser and back to the punch line: pyaar karna toh sab sikhaate hain, par pyaar ko bhulaana koi nahi sikhata. 

The final chapter will follow soon on 12 May, in theatres. 
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