Is it A Good Day to Die Hard?
Posted On 18th February, 2013 @ 16:52 pm by Suroshree Dasgupta

The coolest cop is back in town and it’s none other than John McClane.

It’s also his smirky attitude coupled with his sensitive side that gets the ladies swooning.

Hands down, the original Die Hard is one of the greatest action movies ever made. It's relentlessly inventive, engaging and funny at the same time and Bruce Willis' John McClane is what Sean Connery is to James Bond, undoubtedly.

Although, he started off scared but that fear was what made him human and what made us love him. He's a guy who is continually petrified by what's happening to him, but that doesn't keep him from pushing through it. That’s what I have always loved about the character and that’s exactly what’s been so charming about it, because we relate to it. We recognize that similar feeling, except we can’t be that cool. He could just as easily be like you and me. He doesn't like to fly and has never been in a limo. He's trying to fix his broken marriage to wife, who now lives across the country in L.A. with their kids; who is now going by her maiden name. In other words, he's just another guy.

Or, is he?

Remember in the original Die Hard when McClane had to cross a floor with smashed glass barefoot?  Also, how he used a fire hose to swing off the roof of a skyscraper and into a window. And in terms of fighting, how he hangs the enemy with a chain. Seemed pretty brutal! Whether the setting is a skyscraper, an airport, or whole cities, the one constant is that John McClane must defeat the bad guys in about a day. Without any back up.  In the upcoming movie, John is out to find his son who is protecting a Soviet with vital intel. It does a take a lot to be the cool cop.

But, that’s not all.

It’s also his smirky attitude coupled with his sensitive side that gets the ladies swooning. McClane's cocky smirk may define him, but he's also a softy comfortable delivering a tearful apology to his wife Holly over walkie-talkie and, by proxy, to cop pal,Al. Public displays of affection don't get much mushier and doesn’t get really tough to make the ladies go weak in the knees.

But will the new movie live up to its expectations? Initial reaction has been decidedly mixed, and it didn’t help that its movie poster was put in the list in some of the worst posters of 2012. However, most moviegoers can agree that the 1988 original film is an undisputed classic, and anything the new film can do to hue closer to the tone of McClane’s initial adventure is a wise move to win back fans.

Going by the past, the original movie’s use of suspense, character-driven drama and extreme action has been imitated endlessly over the years, with few films (including its own sequels) achieving the same level of success. If anything, though, this is a reason to hope that the franchise can return to its roots somewhat. We can only find out next week.

I am excited!


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