Jolly L.L.B.: Arshad Warsi is back!
Posted On 10th January, 2013 @ 14:07 pm by mtv editor

“Watch Arshad Warsi fight for justice with dollops of NCR slang” that should be the tagline of the film, Jolly L.L.B!

I had met Shahrukh for this project. He even liked the subject. He found the story great but he took few months time. Things were not materializing.

After enjoying his performance as Circuit in the Munnabhai series; to imagine that he’s now going to play the role of a lawyer in the film is strange. Hilariously strange.

However, truth be told, the idea is not farfetched in a bad way but amusing. Back in April, he was wrapping up shooting for Jolly L.L.B and had admitted, to the media, that he had had a ‘wonderful’ experience; very soon he will begin promoting the film and then keep his fingers crossed for it releases on the Ides of March (15th March, 2013).

Another highlight of the film is that it features Boman Irani, who plays the successful lawyer who Arshad Warsi is pitted against. The trailer showcases the brilliance and versatility of Boman as a ruthless lawyer, loosely based around the likes of lawyers of the stature of Ram Jetmalani. The film also features Amrita Rao who plays the role of a teacher. She looks fresh and adopts the role of the girl next door rather well. 

On the other hand, just in case you didn’t know, the film’s director, Subash Kapoor (Director, Phas Gaye Re Obama), had shortlisted the King of Hearts, Shahrukh Khan, to play the lead role in Jolly L.L.B.. This is what one popular newspaper quoted him saying: “I had met Shahrukh for this project. He even liked the subject. He found the story great but he took few months time. Things were not materializing, so I went and approached Arshad.”

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to picture the King Khan donning the black coat and the NCR accent the way Arshad Warsi does it. Besides, taking a look at the trailer, which has finally been released, you too will admit that Arshad has given a “Jolly” good performance. After all, thanks to the comical performances of Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi, the social phenomena that the film aspires to reflect ought to come across quite efficiently.

Here’s how Subash Kapoor describes the ongoing stagnancy in our judicial system: “When you go to courts, there are about three-and-half crore cases pending in India. There are people in jail since 15 years and their hearing has not yet started. I met a guy at the Tis Hazari courts in Delhi. For his property, his family has declared him dead on papers, and he has been fighting a case since six years to prove that he is not dead, he is alive.”

Well, we hope Jolly L.L.B helps in making our judicial system a little more aware and a little less lazy!


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