Khiladi 786 - Pair pe kulaadi
Posted On 7th December, 2012 @ 15:01 pm by Sanat Mehra

Some say that the film is horrible, others say that a visit to the theatres this weekend to catch this film is a must. However, here is what we have to say:

Now is the time for you to get confused go through all the reviews that there are on the film Khiladi 786 and you will not arrive at any solid conclusion as to whether to watch the film or not, but I am still going to add to your confusion because I know when you are out of the cinema hall, you’ll have added me on your list of people to trust. 


The reviewers who are asserting that the film has all the ingredients, which all good comedy films should have, are giving us the liberty to laugh at them and those who completely despise the film have managed to make us laugh with them by ridiculing the film. So, there is always a reason to laugh in the cinema hall, but it depends on whether you are laughing at the makers of the film or with them; clearly, the cause of my amusement was the former. 


First we must say a little prayer for the jeep that crossed paths with Bahatar Singh or “72” Singh or Akshay Kumar; yes, the same red jeep seen in the trailer that got crushed under the foot of Bahatar Singh. Which makes you wonder; just how much can this man do without special effects? Nevertheless, these special effects do not come to his aid when it comes to getting hooked with someone, and am sure you know what that leads to: a predictable end! 


Still, I pushed myself to watch the film, and the reason I was able to do so was due to Himesh Reshammiya’s capless look; every time he takes his cap off for a film you see he’s got a new hairstyle. This time it seemed as if a light breeze would scatter the crop asunder; any how he breezes through the role with one expression. He is the matchmaker who gets the Khiladi and Indu Tendulkar (Asin) to meet. Do they get together without a fuss; no. Do they finally get together in the end; let me not insult your intelligence. 



MTV Rating: 72/786


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