Makkhi: Flying High!
Posted On 15th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

The brainchild of a director with one of the most envied box office records, Makkhi is the story of Sudeep, the quintessential playboy who has wine, women and wealth at his disposal. Life's good to him, that is, until a tiny mite of a housefly, ingen


Stealing the show from right under Rani Mukherjee’s well powdered nose and providing film buffs some respite a week before Karan Johar unleashes his handpicked blondes on us; Makkhi is one of those rare movies that yet again proves the age old mantra true: If it works in the South, it definitely works in Bollywood. Director S S Rajamouli has penned a script so bizarre that we wonder if the producer even took him seriously when he first dictated it. However, the slick execution and Rajamouli’s impeccable direction has critics and audiences alike drooling all over it.



Originally titled Eega, Makkhi is the Hindi dubbed version of the South Indian flick which made its way to Hindi theatres last weekend. Starring Sudeep, Nani and Samantha, Makkhi follows the story of Nani, a young firecracker vendor who is deeply in love with Bindu, the pretty girl next door. All’s well in la-la land, until the big bad wolf enters in the form of Sudeep, a multi millionaire industrialist whose conquests in the bedroom outdo the ones in the business world. Running true to form, Sudeep separates the two lovers by thoughtfully murdering Nani in a graveyard – probably to save himself the trouble of having to dispose the body later. And this is where the fun part begins, for Nani is shortly reincarnated and comes back to life to avenge his death. However, unlike Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, Nani isn’t lucky enough to be reborn as the successful kid of a superstar and instead comes back to life as a housefly. And this is what sets the movie miles above the scores of reincarnation based movies that Bollywood dutifully churns out every two months.




What you should expect: A troublemaking brat of a housefly that will have you giving every passing winged insect the evil eye for a good two weeks after seeing the movie. Nani, the housefly, gleefully wrecks cars, sets houses aflame, messes with electricity circuits and exits with a bang (literally) by blowing up a cannon. Also, you should expect a Bollywood remake of the movie, a 3D extragavanza with an overly dramatised housefly, probably with a Salman Khan bracelet strapped to his wrist. In fact, for all we know, Rohit Shetty may already be on it, working in overdrive to make it to his favoured Diwali deadline. 


What you definitely shouldn’t: Logic and common sense doesn’t play a huge role here. As one critic astutely pointed out, “The portion involving a tantrik is pure hog-wash and more suited to a B-grade horror film than here.” But then if logic was the primary ingredient for making a film, then movies like Bodyguard and Ready would have been shelved after the first draft.



All in all, Makkhi may be an outlandish film at heart, but it makes for good entertainment. If nothing else, watch it for the supernatural fly, which shows more spunk than Ra.One, Krrish and Drona put together!


MTV RATES: 3.5/5


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