Mastram: The story behind pulp fiction
Posted On 13th February, 2014 @ 16:22 pm by MTV Editor

From the producers of the massively successful film, Gangs Of Wasseypur, comes a story of a reluctant soft porn author – Mastram.

The director of Mastram, Akhilesh Jaiswal, came to Mumbai in 2006 to pursue his Mass Communication degree from University of Mumbai.  A year later, he dropped out of college and pursued his dream of making films. His first success was co-writing the hugely successful film, Gangs Of Wasseypur. 


Mastram is about Rajaram, a bank clerk in a small town, who dreams of traveling to Delhi and becoming a reputed writer.  No one takes his litterateur aspirations seriously, least of all his uncle, who marries him off to the beautiful Renu. His wife supports him wholeheartedly supports him. Emboldened by her encouragement, Rajaram starts stealing writing time from his humdrum work routine, and is eventually forced to leave his job, when his boss publicly humiliates him, and derides his aspirations.




Pressed by his need to succeed, Rajaram meets several publishers, all of whom turn them down until he chances on a fledgling publisher duo – Purohit and Bharti. While they agree to publish Rajaram’s story, they urge him to spice up his tale. Unaware of what to do Rajaram seeks advice from an old man who introduces him to the world of soft pornography. Rajaram, scandalized at first, accedes to the “compromise”, and thus starts discovering another facet of literature – erotica.  He adopts the colorful pseudonym of `Mastram’ becomes the first author of the first pornographic novel series in the Hindi language.  


The director of the film says he found inspiration for this film in a Hindi porn pulp book with the same title. Interestingly, this book is extremely popular in Northern India, despite its absence in big stores, being available only at in small dingy bookstalls near bus and train stations.  For the last 30 years, the book has been published as “Mastram”, with the author also credited as “Mastram”. 


The film features Rahul Bagga (last seen in Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana as Kunal Kapoor’s brother) along with Tasha Berry.


Call it a ficitional biography or a reflection of society, Mastram is a film that should find its way to the top of your must watch list.