Never Ending!
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As Twilight fans jump with glee over another installment of the series, we take a look at the affection and pride with which film directors keep rolling out sequels - and while there are some franchises that we just can't get enough of, there are som




And as the makers of Scream happily pen the fifth installment of the franchise, we take a look at some of the longest running franchises in showbiz:



The Friday the 13th series started all the way back in 1980, and has since gone on to create twelve installments, a television series plus a set of novels.  The movies are centered on Jason Vorhees, who as a kid supposedly drowns in a lake and now carries a lethal vendetta against anyone who sets foot at the lake. However, don’t mistake him for your average demented serial killer; this guy is virtually ‘unkillable’.  And even though the movie names are a tad confusing – the makers promised that part four would be The Final Chapter and then went on to create eight more installments – the movies have grossed over $687 million at the box office and continue to occupy the numero uno spot in the bloodthirsty world of horror films.



Close on its heels, we have the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, which started out in 1974 and is now making a return to theaters with a  seventh part, titled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. And though though the sequels haven’t quite been able to live up to the hype of the original, Leatherface with his mask made of human skin, the blood soaked butcher’s apron and the signature chainsaw remains one of the most badass villains ever. To date, the film has grossed over $304 million across the world and we are all set to add a couple more dollars to that figure by booking the first day, first show tickets to the upcoming 3D version!



And after six glorious years of physically and psychologically torturing his victims, Jigsaw and his apprentices called it quits with the seventh part of the ultra successful Saw franchise which saw Hoffman being shackled to the bathroom and left to die. And while critics may have been quick to dub it as torture porn, we don’t think the makers are listening; they are too wrapped up counting the millions Saw 3D made. And in spite of all their tall claims of Saw 3D being the final part of the series, rumor has it that they are looking at creating an eighth part.



And while some movie franchises deserve to go on and on, there are some which like our Ekta Kapoor, refuse to take a hint, no matter how glaringly obvious, and throw in the towel. And while the first part of the Scream series, which started out all the way back in 1996, was well received. However in a spat of joblessness, the makers decided to take the concept forward which meant that for the next two years we were treated to Scream 2 and Scream 3. And even though people went crazy celebrating when the makers showed no sign of continuing the series, cut to eleven years later and we are once more treated to the histrionics of Sidney Prescott, and we will have to continue putting up with them as the makers have grandly announced their plans for a fifth installment. Well, Courteney Cox, we know your bank balance has been on the brink ever since Friends ended, but honestly, HOW many more times will you guys spin the same mysterious masked killer act?



However, while all the movies listed here no doubt required a lot of hard work and effort; we don’t think anyone has ever worked harder than the makers of the Final Destination series; imagine the amount of creativity that must be going behind making film after film on the same premise, with the same sequence and the same outcome. Thanks to the series, we are now paranoid of every last drop of water coz there’s no telling when it will fall on a conveniently exposed bare wire and we will end up being chopped neatly into a million pieces. 




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