Sexy Back!
Posted On 28th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

While, the women must have swooned to the news of Justin Timberlake getting married, the bad news for the men is that now Jessica Biel, once called the "sexiest woman alive" by Esquire magazine, will be settling down.




Just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have been together for so long, it seems impossible to imagine Jolie lost on a rainy day, on a lonely highway because, Brad Pitt would definitely appear from somewhere, for the two are inseparable these days.


However, you know what it takes to settle down; it takes a scandalous bachelor party that will make you feel guilty for the rest of your married life! Although, that did not happen in Justin Timberlake’s case, we have to admit he’s got our attention this time. No doubt, it reminded us of his N Sync days, the time that he let the world know a little more about Janet Jackson, the song Sexy Back, and all the other cheeky antics carried out by the pop star.


Here’s what happened:


Along with his bros, Justin hit Las Vegas to sap the city of its alcoholic offerings. What we thought was really sweet was that Timberlake brought along his father to chill with twenty five of his friends. Nevertheless, there are pictures of the entire gang clinking glasses in honour of the occasion that is just around the corner.


The fun began after the group flew off to Mexico; there they played beach volleyball wearing t-shirts that read “CASTRATION CELEBRATION.” Oh, and then to give photographers their bread and butter, the gang pulled down their swimming trunks and gave them a view, most tourists miss out on!




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