Son of Sardaar - Save Our Souls?
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When a movie's name screams S.O.S. you know the film spells nothing but deep trouble. And Son of Sardaar does not disappoint; a lackluster script and a motley crew of blubbering actors ensure that the movie makes good on the warning the title entails




After firmly prising Rohit Shetty from his favourite Diwali deadline, two of the industry’s heavyweights were headed straight on a collision course. And every few days things would be stirred up a little, with either Ajay Devgn crying foul and threatening to take Yash Raj Films to court or with YRF laughing back in his face and claiming that they had every right to book as many screens as they wanted. So imagine how many faces were palmed when Diwali finally rolled around, and both the movies turned out to be as much fun as a wet cracker, leaving the audience to frantically look up theatres still playing English Vinglish.



On the face of it, the basic premise of Son of Sardaar is pleasantly normal for a masala flick of its calibre; a Sardarji (Ajay Devgn) returns to his native land only to cross swords with his ancestral enemies, (Sanjay Dutt and his troupe may be bloodthirsty enough to chop off the heads of anyone who displeases them but have the manners to refrain from hurting their guests). That is of course, before you find out that the story has been lifted from a Telugu flick Maryada Ramanna directed by S S Rajamouli. Who in turn picked it up from a 1923 flick, Our Hospitality, which itself is loosely based on a piece of literature circa 1890. How’s that for original?



What You Should Expect



The movie may have been ‘inspired’ from every piece of work post the nineteenth century, but as a comedy flick it is anything but inspirational. Ajay Devgn fakes paira-te-laces (A condition that we normal folks know as paralysis) to continue outliving his welcome at Sanjay Dutt’s place. Juhi Chawla plays Sanjay Dutt’s mooh boli biwi only to give him the red flag after twenty five years of waiting. And that is how the narrative unfolds until things escalate to point where you can no longer tell the difference between the comedy and the tragedy. In fact, we fear that repeated viewing may cause you to lose the will to live altogether.  



However, knowing our Bollywood directors as well as we do, it is safe to predict that this movie will go on to spawn asinine sequels, probably with titles along the lines of Daughter of Sardaar. Why, you ask? Because Ashwini Dhir can. And because millions of people will find Vindoo Dara Singh being reprimanded, “Silencer lagaa,” absolutely hilarious, thus making sure that the movie will make it to the 100 crore club.



What You Definitely Shouldn’t



We recommend you to save this movie especially for those jobless days when you are willing to spend two valuable hours of your life watching Ajay Devgn play merry go round on the Big Ben, even as he expertly turns the songs into a photo op for a wrist watch brand. 



At the end of the day, it all boils down which side of the fence you are standing on. If you are a diehard Bollywood buff who swears by Bol Bachchan and Rowdy Rathore, then Son of Sardaar will definitely win the gold ribbon on your wall of fame. However, if you had enough of Sanjay Dutt’s blustering attempts at comedy in Double Dhamaal, you might end up beating a hasty exit twenty minutes into the movie.



MTV Rates: 2.5/5




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