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Posted On 7th January, 2013 @ 17:41 pm by Sanat Mehra

Since we mostly watch movies for the star cast, there is only one reason why you would go to watch this film and that is because we all loved Rajeev Khandelwal in “Aamir”.

However, there are a few more reasons, if not many, that may urge you to spend some money on this one. To begin with, Khandelwal delivers a brilliant performance in this film and at no point do you feel let down by him. As you well know, there is no role that Paresh Rawal cannot assume and the same goes for his role as the game master in this film.
Game master, the utterance of the phrase must have already begun building towers of perceptions in your mind, but do not go very far with your thoughts because you are bound to be disappointed when you hear the real plot. Nevertheless, thanks to screenplay writers Sheershak Anand, Abhijeet Deshpande and Shantanu Ray Chibber, the plot is miles away from the usual Bollywood drama. The entire film is designed to resemble a reality show in which the couple plays a part as a result of the writer’s liberty, except, this game puts the couple’s relationship to the test.

Instead of the in-laws and gundas playing the pranks, the film plays along with the trend of letting a reality-check replace the bad guys. Yet, to offer the reality-check a fine actor like Paresh Rawal plays the uncompromising host who stretches our attention span, making sure that we overlook the shortfalls in the script. To point out an instance, may spoil the story but it was a little hard to believe the enthusiasm of the participants towards the game.

All you have to do is replace Salman Khan with Mr. Rawal and the little known urchins with Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae and a few others. If you are in the mood of seeing television entertainment played out in theatres, you may enjoy this one.
MTV Rating: 15/21


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