TERI MERI KAHANI - The confused lullaby
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Why do people make rom-coms? They are made so people can feel the wondrous feeling of Love. After watching Teri Meri Kahani, all we felt was a wondrous feeling that propelled the need to hurl with an urgency that was unparalleled.


Teri Meri Kahani is a 1980s formula film that probably would’ve failed miserably even in the 1980s. Three love stories set in different time periods separate by a Charlie Chaplin-esque narrative transition makes us wonder whether this film was merely an investment which would benefit the filmmaker in the next taxable year. In theory, the idea of three parallel stories intertwined by well defined, radically different characters makes for an interesting plot. Again, in theory. What we got, instead, was a badly thought out plot with subpar performances from, otherwise talented, popular actors. This movie is a rather shabby rendition of the successful Love Aaj Kal genre. 


The first episode, we say episode since it is most conveniently comparable to a soap opera, of the film has an aspiring musician, Govind, who tries to woo a sixties superstar, Rukhsar. As fate would have it there is another woman in the picture. We won’t get into details since we were snoozing due to the blanket boredom that took over the theater. The second episode was by far the most under researched segment of a movie; a certain hipster who goes by the name, Krrish, falls for Radha. This scenario doesn’t seem so ludicrous with just that synopsis, now, does it? The fact of the matter is that Krrish falls in love with Radha after viewing her social networking net worth. Sensibly, the relationship doesn’t work out. We, as people of the twitter generation, were outraged by the absurd portrayal of this love story. The third episode is set in 1910. Now, the thing is nobody really cares about a love story set in 1910, essentially because there were way more important things going down at the time, like the freedom struggle. Logic aside, the reason this episode doesn’t work is because it is the father of all clichés. A Punjabi boy falls in love with a girl and what follows is an unimpressive song and dance routine. 


The film works in terms of visual appeal but fails miserably when one pays attention to the narrative. One could say this film is the final nail in the coffin of Kunal Kohli’s career but we aren’t being harsh. The tag line of the film is ‘thrice a love story’, apart from the fact that it doesn’t mean anything, it also left us confused and exhausted. 


MTV Rates – 0.5/5


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