The Khiladi Rises?
Posted On 17th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

Akshay Kumar is all set to take on the baton of the indomitable Khiladi, yet again, with his latest offering Khiladi 786. And the first steps towards regaining his lost glory have been taken by the actor who is in the process of acquiring a trademark for



Why he’d want to do that though, beats us - The word ‘Khiladi’ pops up in our daily conversations with as much frequency as the words, “Let’s Yahoo it!”



His wallet may still be smarting from the low returns Oh My God received, but Akshay Kumar is nothing if not optimistic: He is in the process of getting the word ‘Khiladi’ registered in the national Trade Marks Registry in preparation of his upcoming action extravaganza, Khiladi 786. In case you were not a part of the 1.5 million people who watched the incessant rendition of Khiladi Bhaiyya that passes off as the movie’s trailer on Youtube, let us bring you up to speed:



Akshay Kumar spent the better part of the 90s decade grinning from ear to ear – The Khiladi franchise was happily doling out one hit after the other and things were finally looking up with Twinkle. When it came to action and elaborate fight sequences, the Khiladi Kumar’s name was one to be reckoned with.



Cut to 2012 and action is no longer a one-man show; indeed everyone from Salman Khan to Ajay Devgn to Rajpal Yadav have dabbled in it. Action has been radically redefined as the ability to fling three burly goons each second. The way things are going, we bet the next Salman Khan flick will have entire buildings crumbling down with just the batting of his eyelid.  It is in this testosterone charged atmosphere that Akshay has made a full scaled return, first with Rowdy Rathore and now with Khiladi 786 which is all set to assault our senses this December.



And the first tentative steps in re-establishing himself as the Khiladi have been taken by the actor, who is now in the process of acquiring a trademark for the word ‘Khiladi.’ As an insider put it, “Khiladi has become a brand that Akshay is associated with. And Akshay is very emotional about it. That’s why he has decided to apply for a trademark.” Apparently, the use of Khiladi will soon be banned for commercial purposes, for everyone except his son. (And we are sure little Aarav will be appropriately grateful for this privilege, once he’s done shuttling between the myriad martial arts courses his dad’s enrolled him for!)  Apparently, the formalities for acquiring the trademark have been already started. “It has been on Akshay’s mind for a long time, but due to his back-to-back film schedule, he didn’t have time to take it to the next level earlier,” adds the insider.



In all fairness, the Khiladi series does occupy a special place in the hearts of the 90s kids and with Rowdy Rathore under his belt, Akshay has successfully established that he can draw in as many crores as the next Khan. Which is fuel enough for critics to argue that Khiladi 786 might end up surprising us just yet. Now if only those brightly coloured costumes weren’t giving us Tees Maar Khan déjà vu, we’d almost believe that! 


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