47 and killing it!
Posted On 2nd November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

It is a matter of etiquette, not to ask anyone their age but people still have their ways of finding out. Now, think about our superstars; today is Shahrukh Khan's birthday but unfortunately for him, we all know that the Khan has turned 47 today.



So, even though his co-stars keep getting younger, we know he’s becoming bigger. Hold on, we don’t mean bigger as in he’s aging because it has always been hard to make out the difference with every passing year; thus, when we say bigger we mean from actor to star to King of Bollywood.



Shahrukh Khan has never celebrated wildly for as long as we’ve known him, and this year too he has chosen to stick to that habit. In a conversation with a news channel, he said, “I`m planning to work that`s all I know at least during the daytime. Besides, it has never been a special day for me. Of course, I`ll make sure that I thank all my well-wishers from radio stations and newspapers, as usual.”



Besides, as usual there will be a crowd gathered outside Khan’s bungalow Mannat and he would be there to accept their wishes and gifts. May be, you aren’t in Mumbai but we know you have a remarkable imagination at your disposal. So, imagine you had an opportunity to wish Shahrukh on his birthday what would you gift him and what would you say. Ladies, please, try to cut out the explicit details. 





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