5 Biggest Oscar Snubs!
Posted On 20th February, 2013 @ 14:31 pm by mtv editor

What do Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio & Javier Bardem have in common? Perhaps that they, along with a vast legion of their devoted fans, are sitting miffed and shooting the death glare each time the word ‘Oscar’ is mentioned.

It stuns us yet again how Leonardo’s hair raising performance as the bloodthirsty slave driver in Django Unchained could fail to score even one nomination.

The ballot for the most coveted award show in Hollywood is out, and no prizes for guessing that this year too, a host of movies have been snuffed out of the prize race. The Academy Awards, which is famous for being extremely picky about who gets invited into their prestigious club of nominees, has lived up to tradition and trod over a few big toes this year too.

The Dark Knight Rises: Heath Ledger is best remembered for the posthumous award he was honoured with for his epic portrayal of The Joker and his untimely departure did leave a gaping hole in the Batman series, but it looks like all nominations to the Oscars ended with his exit. Albeit riddled with a few potholes, Dark Knight Rises remains one of the best superhero flicks that 2012 has seen, yet the last instalment of the Batman trilogy wasn’t deemed worthy of a nomination, leaving Christian Bale to get into his Batmobile and make his solitary way home.

The Avengers: Likewise, The Avengers was down on his luck too when the nominations were being handed out. Call us biased if you will, but adapting the comics to the big screen is a feat that no one but Joss Whedon could have done full justice to. As it happens, the Avengers failed to rake up any nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay and returned home with a lone nomination for Best Visual Effects.

The Hunger Games: The first instalment in The Hunger Games busted a whole lot of box office records and was instantly inked in cinematic history for it expert portrayal of a barbaric practice in the post-apocalyptic Panem; but when it came to the Academy Awards… Suffice it to say that the movie was zoomed out of the nominations list with a Vanishing Spell that would have left Professor McGonagall proud.

Leonardo DiCaprio: He wasn’t deemed worthy enough for his portrayal of Jack in Titanic and Dom Cobb of Inception failed to appease them either. So perhaps it should come as little surprise that Leonardo’s door was surreptitiously ignored when the jury came knocking – yet again. Except that it doesn’t. It stuns us yet again how Leonardo’s hair raising performance as the bloodthirsty slave driver in Django Unchained could fail to score even one nomination.

Skyfall: We aren’t sure whether right now Bond fans are doing a victory parade on the rooftops or sitting in a royal huff. Perhaps like us, it’s a mixture of both. On one hand, Skyfall qualified for five categories, including Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Cinematography; more Academy nominations than any Bond movie can boast of. And on the other hand, well, that’s about it. Sam Mendes has been left out in the cold for Best Director and Skyfall was given a wide berth when it came to selecting the Best Picture nominees.

So, the Academy Awards found it in them to include Skyfall in every possible music award there is, but Javier Bardem’s bone chilling performance left them unmoved. Well, given their previous track record, that about sounds legit.


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