Aamir Khan’s Pocket Gym
Posted On 18th February, 2013 @ 17:17 pm by mtv editor

We all remember Aamir Khan’s Ghajini look that was copied by so many youngsters; a good lesson on how well Bollywood blends with the common consciousness, but getting abs at the age a little short of fifty was of greater priority that year.

All the Khan’s made sure they challenged themselves and got pumped abdomens. Did that prove a point, or what? The actors immortalized themselves by proving to have a talent that was once only possessed by Hrithik Roshan. From Saif Ali Khan in the recent Race 2 to Shahrukh Khan’s ripped mid riff, the six pack was all the rage!

However, the perfectionist out of the Khan triumvirate, Aamir Khan, needs to keep fit because his competitor, Salman Khan has been in the habit of serious workout since time immemorial and Shahrukh Khan who is primarily a romantic hero, can be excused, for fragility goes well with all his roles. To ensure that nothing can stop him from pumping iron he carries his trainer in his pocket and depends on hotel gyms. Unfortunately, this time he had his trainer but no gym.

Shooting for Rajkumar Hirani's Peekayhas has taken him to Mandwa, approximately two hundred kilometers away from Jaipur, where the team has been staying at a three hundred year-old Haveli that functions as a hotel. However, despite being a three star hotel, it is still smug in antiquity and the authorities have made no effort to include a gym. Therefore, the Khan brought his equipment all the way from Mumbai in order not to miss a single day of workout. And, just where did he get all his equipment assembled; in the hotel conference room.

We think a perfect “Taare Zameen Par” act would be if Aamir left the equipment in the hotel, so that they could start a gym in the premises, for other tourists who are health freaks like him. It may even increase the hotel’s revenue, once people find out about the same.

Well, health freak or not, Aamir Khan has always been incredibly passionate and strong willed, so we didn’t doubt, even for a moment, that he would set up his iron amongst the dunes!


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