Badman Bardem in Skyfall
Posted On 29th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Are you also beginning to feel the pain that comes with being patient for too long? Are you also tired of watching the trailers of "Skyfall" and want to see it in theatres this minute? If yes, I think I've got the perfect set of words that




So, you know “Skyfall” is already out in cinemas in Britain, may be you also know that the critics are saying that this may just be the best film by far. Yet, who has carried this film to the pedestal-of-praise; not James Bond alone but the villain Raoul Silva played by the Spanish star Javier Bardem.



While most of you choose to ignore the pre-screening coverage, there is little doubt that Bardem would have failed to hammer the nail on its head because the actor has a lot that stands behind him as proof. I could easily get down to naming the awards that Bardem has to his name but let’s help him in being the humble man he already is.



Nevertheless, imagine Bardem bartending at the fanciest bar you can envision, and just replace the bottles with rows and rows of awards; now, that’s the kind of high he is going to give you if you take the time out to watch this man do what he does best. Probably, you can watch some of his earlier films while waiting for him to enamor you on the 2nd of November when “Skyfall” releases.


In the meantime, hear out what one of the critics had to say: “The moments that elevate Skyfall from the efficient to the inspired can be attributed to one man: Javier Bardem, the hulking, 43-year-old Spanish actor whose delicious performance as Raoul Silva, sniggering cyber-terrorist, makes him a convincing contender for best Bond villain of all time,” Ryan Gilbey wrote in The Observer.





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