Golden Twitter Awards, '12
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The results of the Golden Twitter Awards are in! As expected, Kamaal R Khan and Poonam Pandey have raked in most of the trophies. So what exactly is an out of work actor being felicitated for? Read on to find out!




The best thing about Twitter is that it accepts just about everyone. No matter how small a celeb you are on the popularity scale, every Tom, Dick and Jacky Bhagnani is welcome to come along, set up an account and start tweeting every random thought that pops in his/her airy head. Or at least that is what we used to think, until a trawl through the profiles of the numerous Bollywood celebs proved us woefully wrong.



It is amazing how in between all the inane tweets about their schedule and their busy social lives, these celebs manage to pack in profound tweets that make you rethink all your assumptions about life and the universe. And it is to celebrate this hidden genius in them that we decided to hold the Golden Twitter Awards, where we felicitate some of their more philosophical tweets. So go through the list and make sure to tweet them your congrats, the amount of knowledge these people manage to impart in the space of 140 characters has made us proud!


And the winners are…


The Golden Twitter Award for Graciously Accepting a Compliment

Siddarth Narayan, @Actor_Siddarth 

I look like Karan Johar? Thanks for ruining my day; nay, my decade. Also, have you heard of SPECS?

The Golden Twitter Award For Lying Convincingly

Shahid Kapoor, @shahidkapoor


What's up people ... Read the weirdest story that I had stopped following SRK ... Only to realise that I actually had ... No clue how. Well he's back on my follow list ... Was just some random thing people going loony over it !!! Haha



The Golden Twitter Award For Being An Alert Citizen

Kamaal R Khan, @kamaalrkhan 

How we know that Veena Mallik is not ISI agent? I think ISI has sent Veena to fool us this is why she is doing all this drama. Photos without cloths what is this yar? Sharam hi nahi hai.

The Golden Twitter Award For Being Gracious To Your Competition

Javed Akhtar, @Javedakhtarjadu 

KOLAVARI-D Every one is praising the robes but the emperor is naked. Tune ordinary, singing substandard. Words an insult to sensibility.

The Golden Twitter Award For Being Courteous To your Elders

Siddarth Mallya, @sidarthamallya 

Been getting tweets about Ayesha Takia & KingFisher Airlines. Not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts??

The Golden Twitter Award For Downplaying Yourself

Poonam Pandey, @iPoonamPandey
More then 700 FAKE Twitter profiles with my Name and Pix.. unless my account is VERIFIED wont Post any pic or video

The Golden Twitter Award For Meticulous Use of Spellcheck

Shahid Kapoor, @shahidkapoor 

Premier in the evening my girlgand deciding what I should wear.

The Golden Twitter Award For Confessing Your Weaknesses

Bipasha Basu, @bipsluvurself 

I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarassed that I can't! No patience.. grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon

The Golden Twitter Award: Philanthropic Celeb of the Year

Kamaal R Khan, @kamaalrkhan 

Madhur Bhandarkar said that Kareena has charged 1.5cr for #Heroine so I m ready to pay her 10cr for #Deshdrohi2 Kareena will accept kaya?

The Golden Twitter Award: Wittiest Tweet of the Year

Chetan Bhagat, @chetan_bhagat 

If gulpanag had married umar gul, wud her name become gul gul?

The Golden Twitter Award: Most Decent Celeb of the Year

Sherlyn Chopra, @SherlynChopra
"'Madam' bohot sharif sa lagta hai, call me 'Phucker'" .....for all ur decent fans #wink"

The Golden Twitter Award: Modest Celeb of the Year

Poonam Pandey, @iPoonamPandey 

Tweethearts just search TWITTER on Google India ... u will get to know .. i am the most searched for twitter in INDIA


Moving on to some of the special categories,


The Wren & Martin Award for Beautiful Use of Grammar

Poonam Pandey, @iPoonamPandey 

It feels Gr8 that in this 1.5 Years i am among Most Searched Celebrity on Google ... and the Fastest rising Celebrity on Twitter . Suggest me a Hash Tag


The Sheldon Cooper Award for Over - Inquisitiveness

Ram Gopal Verma, @RGVzoomin 

If universe existed fr billions of yrs nd earth existed fr millions God mst hv bn pretty bored unless was hvng an affair wth sm othr planet

The Rakhi Sawant Award for Self PR

Poonam Pandey, @iPoonamPandey 

Tweethearts how m i looking ... r u watching me on tv? I am on TV now. Sablog dekhooo.


And now for a couple of Jury’s Choice awards:


The Tweet Like Raghu Award

Ram Gopal Verma, @RGVzoomin

Just watched Bbhuddah and am angry with bacchan that hes such a choo***aa not to do films like this nd am such a l**d not to realize this.

The Dream On, Beta Award

Ram Gopal Verma, @RGVzoomin

I think from now on the only way Salman khan can ever hope to have a flop is if he ever does a film with me! Salman khan has become such a big star that even `Aag 2` might become a hit with him


And finally, the biggest award of the night:

The Golden Twitter Award For Making 424,571 People Deliriously Happy AT ONCE!

 Uday Chopra,@udaychopra 

 Ok confession time...Dhoom 3 is my swan last I'm not giving up acting...quite the opposite, acting is giving up on me!




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