How He Met Their Mother!
Posted On 27th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

And the secret is out. Finally. After seven years, seven seasons and 161 episodes of dancing around the question, the makers of HIMYM, much to everyone's surprise, finally decided to reveal the elusive mother. So exactly what went down in the season



When the average HIMYM addict sat down with a beer to watch the season premiere, he probably expected a couple of laughs and maybe some dope on how Barney and Robin winded up at the altar. Little did he know that this episode would go down in history as THE episode where the never ending search ended. Yes, Ted may have slept with half of New York trying to figure just who his soulmate was, but he got there finally.



Caution: If you haven't seen the episode yet, we'd like to wish you an enjoyable stay under the rock, at the bottom of the pond and would also like to warn you of a major spoiler alert. Also, you might want to consider unliking all those 'I Looooove HIMYM & can’t live without it' pages on Facebook.  

So who exactly is the mystery woman? Well, about 30 seconds before the episode ended, we are introduced to a lady getting out of a cab at a train station with a guitar case. The camera slowly moves up over her ankles and her knees to reveal a purple cocktail dress with a guitar case strapped to her back and a big, fat yellow umbrella conveniently hiding her face! Okay, so fess up. Who sent Craig Thomas all those Ekta Kapoor videos? ‘Coz these sneaky camera tricks are just the sort of thing our K-soaps would do! As much as we’d love to tell you what happened next, this is the point where the laptop ended up being smashed to bits. But worry not, after this tiny glimpse of the mother, we are sure she will be properly revealed. Probably in the last 20 seconds of the season finale of the tenth season.




But disappointing climax apart, the episode was an eye opener in more ways than one. In fact, they managed to pack in more fun in 21 minutes than the whole of season six ever did. A jittery bride. A groom with a bad case of cold feet. The episode opens at Barney & Robin’s wedding and flashes back to the summer of 2012 when Barney & Quinn are all set to get married. How he ends up switching brides we don’t know yet, but that’s no biggie – he probably compared both their pictures and came to his senses.

Meanwhile, Ted is busy driving into the sunset with Victoria, who’s ditched her groom at the altar, only to find out that something is holding him back. And in typical Mosby fashion, he runs away with Victoria, only to drive back and obligingly leave a sorry note on her behalf which involves breaking into the Church dressing room, climbing a couple of drain pipes and a run-in with the groom to be, and only then does it hit him: Victoria is not The One. Sigh, another one bites the dust.




So yeah, we may not be any closer to figuring out who the mother is at least not any more the makers themselves are, but watch the show for Lily and Marshall’s sleep deprived goof ups. And also, for Barney’s epic recap of all the six seasons of the show. What Ted couldn’t manage to do in six seasons, Barney did in 52 seconds flat – true story.  And that alone calls for a deafening, eardrum splitting round of LEGEND... wait for it...DARY!


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