It's all very small town!
Posted On 31st January, 2013 @ 14:50 pm by Bhargavi Swami

A brand new trailer in the movie circles, ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’, has added yet another small town to the big league.

Deep down we all have an inherent sense of belonging to the Wasseypurs and Ghaziabads of the world.

Most of us living in the cities of the world, fast – paced, stressful with broadband connections and too little time to enjoy all that money can offer, do most often overlook the real feeders of the national economy.

This is the moment for all the small town girls and boys to take a bow and accept their rightful place in the world. The rustic visuals of dusty, sleepy towns to the fusion of hip music with literally a ‘desi beat’ or two, are getting the people to the theatres for the first hand visual experience of ‘real India’.

From the ‘Incredible India’ campaigns to state based tourism advertisements everyone is selling the idea and beckoning you to the towns, villages and mountains of India. So when the film industry takes this trend by the horns, there is no looking back and no escape.

What is it about a film like ‘Peepli Live’ shot in towns like Tikamgarh and Khurai in Madhya Pradesh or ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ shot in the Coal City of Dhanbad gathering unparalleled interest among many multiplex cinegoers. It all roots back to phenomenal, earthy films made in the 1950’s such as ‘Mother India’, ‘Do Bigha Zameen’ that had no candy floss and glamour of high rise buildings, night clubs or open relationships but was welcomed by the critics and fans alike.
Deep down we all have an inherent sense of belonging to the Wasseypurs and Ghaziabads of the world. We instantly connect to the onscreen presence of a lethargic potbellied village bumpkin, over bearing female support actors, a confused and garish young adult and an unassuming protagonist. We are all witness to a new wave and are right in the centre of interesting times ahead. Movies like ‘Zilla Ghaziabad’, ‘Matru ki bijlee ka Mandola’, shot in Haryana, or even a soon to release ‘Ramleela’ are luring audiences with their raw earthen appeal. The actors on the other hand are taking great pains to shed their metrosexual city appeal and go in for the rugged and unkept look!

Indian films do have a large impact on the mindset of the youngsters. The stories told on the silver screen most often translate into the college ‘love sagas’. Clothes worn in the films by the lead actors quickly contribute to the retail industry, both the originals and their more affordable twins. Words spoken become the lingua franca among the ‘cool kids’ and family weddings, well they become a film set!

This new setting in Tier 3 cities comes in as a fresh breath of air floating above the overbearing visuals shot in the countries of the world complete with concrete jungles and the evergreen heaven on earth! One way or another the stories of this region are finally being brought to the forefront and the ‘hand that cradles the economy’ will set the cash registers ringing in B Town as well.


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