Literally Translating Bollywood Songs To English Is Hysterical AF
Posted On 9th June, 2017 @ 20:53 pm by MTV Editor


We're so committed and loyal to celebrating everything Bollywood that we never stop long enough to question it. Yes, we know the songs are full of nonsense lyrics, "but they're so much funnnnn, why you being a buzzkill, bro?


We wouldn't dare come in the way of you and your Jalebi Bai, but as we were setting up our weekend playlists, we gave these songs a second thought. When in doubt, try translating them into English. When we only ended up more confused, we decided to share the joy with you guys.


English translations of nonsense Bollywood songs below. Guess the song, tell us in the comments section.


1. “Baby will get me beaten up to agree”

When guys get the girl they’ve been chasing, and realise only later the great deal of trouble they have landed themselves in.





2. “So beautiful…why did god make you?”

It’s tough to tell if this is a complaint or a compliment…





 3. “Beloved radio… play, play, play”

It’s a celebration of sorts. And for that beloved must play the radio. Safe to assume this is what the 19th century felt like?





4. “Father you’re really harmful to our health”

This is how Indian parents are largely defined.





5. “Black goggles suit you, suit your fair face”

People are always fishing for compliments. And even when you shower them with some, they’re seldom satisfied. Might as well make a song out of it.





6. “Fair wrists, oh baby I have fair wrists”

If you couldn’t relate to point 5, you’ll relate to this. If there’s no one else to offer praises, be self-sufficient and compliment yourself. You know what, go ahead and make a whole soung out of it. 





7.  “Dirty talk, dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty talk”

This is part vindictive, part realistic. A brief background: he’s waited for her, tried being nice to her but she DGAF. So now he’s getting down to, plain and simple, dirty talks.  





8. “Get a 440-volt shock when you touch me”

When all normal/believable analogies fail, exaggerate. This is him comparing her touch to 440 volts. Just c’mon! First of all, her touch is going to land you on a hospital bed. And maybe then you’ll require her touch again to bring yourself back to life.





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