Love, Life & Dard-E-Disco: Everything I Learnt, I Learnt From Bollywood
Posted On 21st April, 2017 @ 12:17 pm by Mihika Jindal

If Bollywood were a person, it would make for an entire friend circle within itself.

If Bollywood were a person, it would change avatars every now and then, and make for an entire friend circle within itself. From the life of the party to the quiet brooder, the cool kid to the nerd, and wise philosopher to YOLO propagandist...they're all in there. And they've taught us all we know about life so far.


1. The one who has zero fu*ks to give about anything and is confident that the world will soon follow his lead.




2. With an innate sense of humour and wit, this one will always end up saying the most deep and meaningful stuff in the smoothest possible manner.





3. This is the guy constantly missing classes, perpetually found in boxers, and so convinced with his own lifestyle that he seems like the most sorted of them all. Except, NOT.





4. Once bitten, twice shy… this broken-hearted specimen will always advise against love, and friendzone everything that breathes and comes anywhere in his/her vicinity.




5. 20 April is his favourit-est day (did you wish him yesterday?), and he will mostly be found leaving things on time.

“What’s the point of worrying when everything is written, anyway…”





6. An early bloomer, this guy started behaving like a 30-year-old since he was 15 years old.





7. This is from someone who maintains a balance sheet with life and will never fail to narrate endless stories of his struggles and how he got through them. #TrueStory





8. Try doing someone an unnecessary favour and this one will blow up without warning to tell you that the wisest thing to do in life is to be a little more selfish. If that sounds too rude, at least be self-centred.





9. Even Salman Khan believes in this one — either you don’t promise, or if commitment de diya, toh fir khud ki bhi mat sunna.





10. But in the end, this is the only friend that will supersede all others. No matter who tells you what, chin up and just say… Meri Marzi.






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