Praise The Digital Lords: Reasons Why YouTubers Are Actually Godlike
Posted On 2nd May, 2017 @ 13:54 pm by MTV Editor

Becoming a YouTuber has become a legitimate career option for teenagers and cute puppies.

Becoming a YouTuber has become a legitimate career option for teenagers and cute puppies. YouTubers have already become celebrities and we all know what comes after that *cough* Rajinikanth *cough*. 


While there is nothing anyone can do to achieve Rajinikanth status, here are some striking similarities between YouTubers and gods:


1. Available in abundance

Simply put, there are many of both — gods and YouTubers.

Some are international celebrities, others are only popular in fringe groups. They come in all colors, sizes and both work even if they’re only half-humans. The only thing they have in common is make-up. Lots of make-up. 



POint 1



2. Fans and followers are mostly the same thing

Religion is the only concept more pervasive than YouTube. Due to its seniority, religion gets to organise a bunch of solo festivals, whereas YouTubers have to satisfy themselves with a single YouTube FanFest every year. Fans coming from faraway places, only to catch a glimpse of their (teen) idol — sound familiar?



Point 2



3. Both blessings and souvenirs have to be bought 

Merchandise is just idol worship delivered at your doorstep. How would you feel if only a handful of a YouTuber’s subscribers get all the money you spend on buying that YouTuber’s merchandise? You will feel like you finally understand organised religion.


Point 3



4. Fanatics are fanatics

YouTube is made up by a bunch of people you’ve never seen, but you literally subscribe to their views. You protect their honour in glorious Twitter arguments that are nothing but modern-day crusades. Can you really blame your ancestors for falling for religion when you yourself refresh your social media a million times a day?


POint 4



5. Your prayers will be answered

Adults pray by kneeling down but legends choose all caps. 

“WHEN IS THE NEXT PRETENTIOUS MOVIE REVIEW?!” is actually a solemn prayer for more content.


Point 5



Surprisingly, when it comes to answering prayers, YouTubers are more reliable than gods. 


6. Today’s story is tomorrow’s mythology

Many gods collaborate to be part of epic stories. YouTubers collaborate to discover new audiences. Think about it, mythology is actually a very well planned marketing campaign.


Point 6



7. Prove your worth

YouTube, like religion, thrives on gullible people doing what somebody else tells them to do.

YouTuber: Hey share the video!!

What viewer should say: Hey, stop being bossy!

What viewer actually says: Shared on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Orkut, Tinder, MakeMyTrip, LiveJournal, Tumblr, PokemonGo. Anything else, master?


POint 7





Imagine if AIB achieves godlike status and FIRs are filed against non-believers for offending Tanmay Bhat. That would be some real karma!

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