Rumour Roundup: Avengers 2
Posted On 10th January, 2013 @ 12:27 pm by mtv editor

The countdown for the Avengers’ sequel perhaps started the instant people walked out of the theatres after part one.

The release date for The Avengers 2 may have been set for mid 2015, but the online world is abuzz with rumour and heated speculation!

Our spies went sniffing and managed to turn up with all the deets on the next Marvel superadventure!

Giving moping Marvel fans something to cheer about, Marvel Studios has announced a Phase Two; which basically translates to five classic sci- fi flicks to be released over the span of the next two years. After defending the Earth from diabolical supervillains in Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier; all efforts will be concentrated on protecting the Asgardian realm from the Dark Elves in Thor: The Dark World Rises. But before our superheroes can call it a day, they must rejoin hands with SHIELD for an encore of the epic adventure that unfolded on our screens last March.

The release date for The Avengers 2 may have been set for mid 2015, but the online world is abuzz with rumour and heated speculation, (And no, that random conversation you had about the possibility of Spiderman making it to the sequel does not count). We sent our spies out sniffing and prepared this cheatsheet to keep you abreast of all that Marvel Studios has in store:

He steered the prequel onto the path of eternal cinematic glory, and for a brief while, disturbing rumours floated about Joss Whedon being cut out of the sequel.  However, Marvel soon dispelled all speculation by officially handing over the reins of Avengers 2 to Whedon. Joss is very much in charge of Avengers 2 and has even dropped a couple of juicy hints about what’s coming next for our band of superheroes, “(The Avengers 2 will have) A story that goes smaller. More personal, more painful.

By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time.” Which immediately sent alarm bells ringing in the heads of Marvel fans the world over. When Joss decides to get ‘personal and painful’, one of our favourite characters usually ends up in the morgue.

A possibility which looks very real, considering which supervillain the Avenger team will be up against in the sequel. Funny coincidence that the credits sequence of The Avengers revealed Thanos to be the mastermind behind the rogue Chitauri attack? We think not! Producer Kevin Feige has huge plans for the purple skinned Mad Titan, not just in Avengers 2, but in Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

While Spiderman and all his amazing abilities have still not gained him a spot in the Avenger team; the Studio has decided to introduce Ms. Marvel, an Air Force officer blessed with super strength, flight, agility and enhanced stamina.

And the good news continues: The makers have decided to appease all cinegoers who felt cheated on finding out that the Kolkatta scene in the prequel was actually shot on a set in New Mexico; the sequel will now include three scenes to be shot on Indian turf. Location hunting is now on in North India and Maharashtra, and the cast will be specially flown in once the shooting commences!

So while we go stalk the airports, why don’t you tell us which Avenger are you the most excited to see in the sequel?


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