Some more Mani!
Posted On 10th December, 2012 @ 19:22 pm by mtv editor

In the case of Mani Ratnam, there is no compromise we can make when it comes to heaping up the praises!

Mr. Ratnam is back again with another promising installment called “Kadal” or Sea.

So, if you find my words a tad overworked in their duty of describing his genius then do pardon me for my admiration.

Unlike the rest, Mani Ratnam did not journey into the industry taking the path traversed by many other filmmakers. He did not assist anyone, did not start off as an assistant director or begin work on sets as a cinematographer; instead, established himself through his first film in 1983 called Pallavi Anu Pallavi, a Kannada film starring Anil Kapoor and Lakshmi. However, that was not until he gave up his job as a management consultant.

So many years down the line, after winning the Karnataka State Film Award, various National Film Awards, a few Filmfare Awards, and many hits and misses at international film festivals; Mr. Ratnam is back again with another promising installment called “Kadal” or Sea. Yet, the reason why we are very excited is because the film is another associative endeavour of Ratnam and Rahman; besides, we did get a taste of the music when A.R. Rahman performed at Unplugged.

Only a teaser has been released by the team working on “Kadal”, but if you want some more Mani, here is a quote for you: “Patience and time do more than strength or passion,” as said by Jean de La Fontaine.

Nevertheless, two songs have already gone viral on YouTube, namely, “Nenjukkule” and “Elay Keechan” which are more a temptation than watching Gautam Karthik standing on the edge of a canoe in the middle of the deep blue sea. 


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