Student of the Year in jail?
Posted On 22nd October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Student of The Year is out and vulnerable, as Karan Johar may be summoned by a local court in Indore.



While hoardes of Karan Johar's fans returned to the cinema halls for his next film, there are prying NGOs that send their delegates too; whether the latter go for entertainment or for investigative purposes is a matter that can only be resolved once the current case is put into momentum.


The NGO, Shri Vision Social Empowerment and Welfare Association, has filed a case against Karan Johar and Shreya Ghoshal(among others) for the song Radha. The petition was filed by Manish Vishnoi and Nilesh Jaiswal; they cited that in the chorus Goddess Radha has been referred to as being “sexy” which is likely to hurt the sentiments of the Hindu Community. If you haven’t heard the songs yet; here is the chorus that upset them:



“Radha on the dance floor

Radha likes to party

Radha likes to move that sexy body”



Nevertheless, we are doubtful whether there is cause enough to lose sleep over the issue. Hurting religious sentiments, has never been the aim of Bollywood for as long as we can remember. Wouldn’t you agree that most of the characters, given birth to by Bollywood cinema, are patriotic, God-fearing and more or less attuned to the religious rituals?



For someone who calls their production company “Dharma Productions” and is always entangled in pujas before his films get released, cannot in even the most myopic visionary’s opinion be considered unfaithful. Besides, Johar is known to add nuances that evoke the morals of religious texts; a good example would be Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, which depicts the brotherly bond between Shahrukh and Hritik, which is very similar to that shared between Ram and Bharat in the Ramayana.


If you remember, the film portrays Shahrukh Khan as the oppressed orphan forced to leave the house; however, his brother Hritik Roshan comes in search of him instead of enjoying the royal treatment he could get back home. Besides, the women in Johar films make a temple scene or contemplating the moon scene look so pleasurable.


Hence, MTV feels the entire outcry is a farce. Let’s see in whose favour the court presents its judgment. 



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