The Curious Case of Vishwaroopam
Posted On 30th January, 2013 @ 14:50 pm by Sanat Mehra

After a Madras high court judge gave clearance to the Kamal Hassan’s film Vishwaroopam in a decision that was passed late last night; the Tamil Nadu government objected to the verdict and has filed an appeal against the judge.

It is a political game, and I am not even sure who is playing it

Truly, Kamal Hassan is back with a bang after being away from the action for awhile. Since, the government wants a quick revert to their appeal, the case will commence in the afternoon today.

It all began with some Indians, particularly those belonging to the Muslim community, being adamant on a ban because they felt that the film projected their community in a bad light. However, there is a deeper argument that hides behind the chaos of protest because even according to Justice Venkataram of the Madras high court it was very strange that all district magistrates of thirty-one districts prevented the release of the film.

Kamal Hasan says he has been dragged into a political conspiracy and if he continues to be threatened he will have to leave the country. “It is a political game, and I am not even sure who is playing it," he alleged. "I have hawked my house to a moneylender to make this film and it is two months since it is overdue. I have pawned all my properties to him in case he doesn't get his money back," says Kamal Hasan.

Challenging Justice Venkataram’s decision is advocate general A Navaneethakrishnan who alleged to the media that the court’s decision is not final and will be challenged. Nonetheless, the film will be released on the 1st of February in other cities and here’s what the previewers are saying:

Sangeetha Devi Dundoo of The Hindu said, “Vishwaroopam is a technically brilliant, ambitious film where most characters are not what they seem,” and also stated that the film is “A gripping spy thriller of international standards.” This time over, Rediff and Deccan Chronicle gave the film three stars out of five; the former said, “Vishwaroopam undoubtedly rests on Kamal Haasan, who is brilliant.”


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