Top 5 Movies of 2012: #2 Kahaani
Posted On 19th December, 2012 @ 15:49 pm by mtv editor

There was a time when the plush interiors of the 100 crore club were reserved exclusively for the Khans, the Bachchans and the occasional Devgn, not anymore!

Vidya Bagchi and her adorable sidekick, Satyaki hack into sensitive data, send sinister serial killers packing and track down hitherto missing criminals – all in a day’s work!

That was of course before women, heavily pregnant women no less, decided to pick up a gun and shoot that illusion to a million fine pieces. So while the sceptics recover from the shock of discovering the flair with which one lady can send the system spinning, we invite you to check out #2 on our list of top 5 films of 2012 that literally blew us away!

Kahaani (March, 2012)

Net Collections: 104 crores

The Story: Desperate to track down her missing husband, Vidya Bagchi, a computer hacker from London, dons her Sherlock Holmes hat and arrives in Kolkatta bang in the middle of Durga Puja, determined to hunt him down – Only to be told that he doesn’t exist. And while her husband is nowhere to be found, she does manage to send trouble a gilt edged invitation; her husband’s striking resemblance to Milind Damji, a missing terrorist, has a horde of IB agents and serial killers all out to wipe her off the scene for good.

The Aww-some Factor: Vidya Bagchi and her adorable sidekick, Satyaki. Together they hack into sensitive data, send sinister serial killers packing and track down hitherto missing criminals – all in a day’s work!

The Dialogue You Won’t Forget: Kahaani’s dialogue packs in a mighty punch with the warm Bengali influences, but we are yet to find a person who doesn’t go cold on hearing the words, “Nomoskar, ek minute.” Ah, so the phrase didn’t ring a bell?  Worry not, a certain insurance agent just received an MMS and will be over in no time to give you a live performance!

Hit Rewind On: Since movies like Kahaani come with a hefty handbook that expressly forbid us from dropping any spoilers, we’ll contend ourselves by saying that the twists that pop up every 10 minutes in the film are nothing compared to the shocker that Vidya Balan (literally) drops in the grand finale. Amidst the noise and chaos of the Durga Puja, Vidya shatters the mould of the meek Indian wife into a million shards and proudly rids the world of one demented terrorist.
Why It’s Worth Those Two Hours: Sujoy Ghosh packs in a whopper of a suspense thriller, the likes of which we haven’t seen in far too long a time. At one point in the film, Khan, a no nonsense police official, loftily informs Vidya that nobody expects a woman, especially a pregnant woman, to cause any harm. Sadly though, he chooses the wrong pregnant lady to underestimate.

Yet, Kahaani might perhaps not have scaled the heights it did, if it weren’t for Vidya Balan who independently carries the film on her shoulders, without the crutches of foreign locales and big superstars. As one critic raved, “If, after The Dirty Picture you still needed convincing that you will miss a leading hero in this one, get ready for another punch in the jaw. Once again, a pregnant Vidya ironically displays more male ornaments than most heroes.” Word.


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