Top 5 Movies of 2012: #4 Vicky Donor
Posted On 12th December, 2012 @ 12:48 pm by mtv editor

A movie on sperm donation starring and produced by first timers with no big name to tide it through? Well, 2012 has been the year of surprises and Vicky Donor is easily our favourite one of the lot!

Everyone walked out of the theatre quietly chuckling over their favourite Vicky Donor one-liner, Annu Kapoor’s “Bada confused sperm hai!”

If your movie playlist seems as dull as a fully clothed Poonam Pandey, then we have just the right remedy for you! Reacquaint yourself with Bollywood’s best and join us in reliving the top 5 Bollywood flicks of 2012. Earning a well deserved nomination at the fourth spot, we have:

Vicky Donor (April, 2012)

Net Collections:   52 crore
The Story: Life’s kind to Vicky Arora, the jobless Punjabi puttar. He’s raking in the big bucks as a sperm donor at an infertility clinic, he has the world’s most amenable boss in Dr. Chhadha and things are finally looking up with Ashima, the sexy neighbourhood banker. The only problem is that his blushing bride has no idea what he does for a living. Tiny problem quickly escalates to catastrophe when she finds out that she’s incapable of conceiving a child. Catastrophe escalates to disaster when she finds out his past and heartbroken, shifts base to her father’s place in Kolkata. Things keep spiralling downhill until Dr. Chaddha dons his Superman shirt and swoops in to save the day.

The Aww-some Factor: Ayushmann Khurana. The guy switches from VJ to actor with such effortless ease that you’d think he was born delivering Oscar worthy performances. Yami Gautam is mighty fine as the reticent divorcee, but her thunder is somewhat stolen by Annu Kapoor. For all his quirks and instant biology lessons, this guy is one endearing sperm whom you can’t help but love.

The Dialogue You Won’t Forget: Though everyone walked out of the theatre quietly chuckling over their favourite Vicky Donor one-liner, Annu Kapoor’s “Bada confused sperm hai!” is clearly the winner. And Ayushmann’s tongue-in-cheek, “Mummy papa ghar par nahin hai, toh kya ludo khelna hai?” is just one of the many hilarious wisecracks in this laugh-a-thon.
Hit ‘Rewind’ On: The climax scene where Dr. Chadha secretly leads Vicky and Ashima to a party with all of Vicky’s offspring in attendance, which roughly translates to 53 adorable toddlers. Even as an overcome Ashima runs forward to hug the kids, Vicky just stands there speechless, raking his hair in disbelief.

Why it’s Worth Those 2 Hours: John Abraham scores a home run with his very first home production; who knew that behind those hulking muscles lay the brains of a mean producer? One critic reflected, “It takes a man to make a film like this, literally. Kudos to John Abraham for his brave maiden production,” even as another one raved, “Vicky Donor proves that an adult comedy can be made with class, ingenuity, and finesse.”

So why should you watch Vicky Donor? Because it is one of those few films that manage to drive home a social truth without once stepping into preachy land. And if that isn’t enough, we give you two words: Ayushmann. Khurana. The guy embodies the spirit of a true Roadie, and emerges as a decisive winner with his Bollywood outing. Vicky Arora laughs, jokes, flashes those disarming dimples at regular intervals and charms you right from scene one. And did we mention that he’s an incredible singer too?

We hereby rest our case.


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