Visits to the zoo get expensive - Ek tha Tiger?
Posted On 7th August, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Are you awaiting the release of the next Salman Khan Blockbuster, Ek Tha Tiger? Well, you might just want to reconsider; for after putting our heads to the ground we were able to hear about news that is very sub-standard. So low indeed that it is hard to



It is not uncommon for Bollywood Blockbusters to see the light of day, without a bang. Unfortunately, the shivers of that bang end up shaking us in an unpleasant way. On special occasions like Diwali, New Year and Eid; the film fraternity has been known to charge more for tickets in multiplexes, but this time the hike is said to be at a shocking 12 to 16%, for the film Ek Tha Tiger. So, we are wondering which of the two, Eid or the film; is the special occasion.


Rawmans, the multiplexes have left us with only two options; either we spend more and watch the film or we watch the film in one of the still sustaining, dilapidated theatres, and use the extra bucks to have a little more biryani. Surely, if you’re a rich vegetarian you would opt for a multiplex experience; but just think of the mouthwatering experience of having a mouthful of biryani and celebrating Eid with all of us. 



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