Why Indians Love Sitcoms!
Posted On 18th December, 2012 @ 12:28 pm by Hasina Khatib

When it comes to India’s torrid love affair with foreign sitcoms, most people write it off under the fact that we are gluttons for anything Western.

Even though Destiny may sometimes take eight long seasons to make up her mind, you just got to hang in there patiently and wait for her to come around.

Then again, there are some who think that the reason runs a little deeper.
So your best friends can’t stop high-fiving over the latest trick they discovered in Barney’s playbook and your girlfriend won’t stop gushing over Sheldon and Amy’s latest PDA. Well, we guess the point when the neighbourhood aunties started trading Mihir Virani for Richard Castle, was the cue for you to realise that the society we live in has undergone a paradigm shift.

Mainstream English has now taken words like ‘Bazzinga’ and ‘legend- wait for it - dary’ under its wing and canteen conversations are spent betting over how many episodes it will take for Barney and Robin to hook up again. And it took us a little bit of digging, of the Sigmund Freud variety, to figure out why these 20 minute shows have got us hanging onto their every last word:

Because we all need a Ted in our lives - To teach us that no matter how downhill things go, you got to wait it out patiently and have faith in Destiny. Even though Destiny may sometimes take eight long seasons to make up her mind, you just got to hang in there patiently and wait for her to come around.

Because we all need a Barney in our lives - Because the world wouldn’t be half as awesome if it weren’t for this suited guy whose dirty catchphrases and double entendres ensure that the world of pickup lines doesn’t die a sad death. And because he reminds us that underneath all the bravado, even the coolest of us have a vulnerable side.

Because we all need a Rachel in our lives - To teach us that even the airiest of blondes have the power to grow up and mature. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to make a coffee properly, you can still hold a job at Ralph Lauren. Somewhere in between all those awkward interviews and the failed relationships, you learn how to strike it right.

Because we all need a Chandler in our lives - Because he teaches us that you can get through just about anything in life, long as you’re armed with a sense of humour. And that while murder is illegal; you can instead just kill someone with a sarcastic retort.

And above all else, we need them in our lives because they remind us…of us. Though most of these characters are figments of some stoned fellow’s imagination, we can see our own friends in them; that one lazy ass Homer Simpson, the obsessive Monica, the blonde Penny, the kooky Phoebe, the know-it- all Sheldon and the loner Raj that our friend circles would be severely incomplete without.

No matter what they package they come in, when the world has brought you down to your knees, these guys will definitely be there for you! So go ahead and tag your special friends in the comments box and remind them just how awesome they are!


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